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There has never been a better time to integrate means of diversifying your revenue within your practice. Reduce your exposure to reimbursement reductions with your new cash based business.

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Claim your place within a still growing $63 Billion Industry. At present, over 75% of adults within the United States are either obese or overweight, and looking for a solution.

Cross Gender Appeal & Patient Base

At any given time, 1:2 women and 1:4 men are participating in or looking to go on a diet of some type. Participate in their solution by offering our high revenue business model.

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We provide the systems, structure and training for you to begin your successful weight loss business. Discover which customized business model or distribution concept fits your needs.

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Through our proven systems and established integration process, any practice or establishment can bring the innovation and quality of the WLC product suite home to their patients or clients.

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Your margin of profit is only surpassed by the results your clients will see through implementation of your new weight loss system.

Cash Based Business

Regardless of reduced reimbursements, strained contractual relations or increased claim denials, your new cash based referrals for weight loss treatment will bring your practice back to sustainability.

Safe & Effective

Approved, natural and safe ingredients formulated for the most effective weight loss system available today. Bring your patients and clients the program they deserve.